Saturday, July 26, 2008

Twelve Tribes Medicine and Maté Bar

Yohanan and Ranan

Back Home Again Hostel

I zeroed today. I didn’t feel like I could get up and catch the shuttle to RT4 in time and do another 18 miles. I thought it would be too messy and slippery after the rain last night and the weather report was looking grim. It was the Shabbat for Twelve Tribes so everyone was off. Ranan still made breakfast though. It was very fattening. He made delicious Cream cheese-stuffed French Toast which was slathered with Vermont Maple syrup. I learned how to make Maple Syrup. Down the street was an open market and they had lots of vegetables but hardly any fruit. I found a guy who made Samosas! I haven’t had a good Samosa since Africa! I still haven’t! Just kidding, it was good but they didn’t have the same kind as they did in Africa. I miss those little, delicious goat-meat triangles. There was a movie theatre and I eventually went to see Hancock which I thought had much more potential. I called the family and talked to them all about the Hernia Situation and what I was going to do. I’m still not sure; I think I’m going to slackpack the last section over Killington and the next day go to the VA and see what they can do for me. I don’t even know if I have coverage for something like this. It’ll probably cost me 10K just to get operated on. I think all Vets should have full coverage. I’m not a fan of socialized medicine because of the poor quality of service in places like Canada and the UK; however, I think that all Vets with an Honorable Discharge should have full medical and dental coverage and I think they shouldn’t have to pay taxes. HAHA! Now that would be awesome. Maybe if they gave Vets a tax break for the rest of their lives that would be better; but basically, unless we retire, we don’t get jack and I think there should be something more. Then again, since I’ve never even really looked into Veterans’ Benefits, maybe there already is something cool and I just don’t know about it; but, I doubt it. We’ll see in a couple of days. I wish I could cut a deal with some doctor or hospital; like, I’ll sing for free at your Daughter’s Wedding or your Hospital Christmas party if you fix my hernia for free. What a nice world it would be for me if I could work out those kind of deals. I eventually went to another celebration at the Twelve Tribes house and came back to the Café/Hostel later. Yohanan offered to take me to the hospital again and I found out it’s right near Hanover, NH which is where my next section would take me. I’m considering hiking the last section and just hiking right to the VA Hospital; but, I’d probably look like one of those homeless, alcoholic Vets comin’ in for a handout. My beard is getting long.

David AKA “Mister Gentle Spirit”

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